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It’s all about the ambiance!

And what would be a party without good lighting… Which we will bring.

Automated Lighting: Tempoe Entertainment has the right equipment to spotlight the bride and groom during their first dance or light up the entire dance floor when the party is rocking.

Up Lighting: Colors can be added to the light. Tempoe Entertainment offers warm colors, like red and gold in lighting which will look great in pictures and give everything a soft flare. Blue or purple which are considered unnatural colors can be added as well, which will give your pictures a new twist.

Gobos/Monogram: Tempoe Entertainment offers customized monogram gobos, which can give your event the perfect flair you are looking for. If it is your names displayed on the dance floor, or a special pattern instead. You name it, we will deliver.

View Custom Monogram Designs Here

Light up your event with the right lighting. Tempoe Entertainment has various different lighting options to bring to your event.
Our calendars fill up quick!

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